Friday, August 3, 2012

Thumb Drive As Currency

These coins' currency is your info. Don't spend them at Starbuck's!
I know: you're wondering what the hell is so exciting about a thumb drive. I could argue that information is the most valuable currency on the planet (at least some information; the US magazine variety could be consigned to the garbage without the world losing out). And for you and yours, your own information might be the most valuable of all.

While I know all about Google Docs and the Cloud, there's still something comforting about having physical possession of your information. The ubiquitous thumb drive gives you just that. Sure, you can go to Staples and purchase any number of stylish, plain, and downright silly renditions of the thumb drive, but I like this Lacie drive best. Shaped just like a coin, the Lacie is easy to carry in a coin purse or pocket without the poking of sharp edges into your tender flesh. They have a certain spy like appeal; this is the thumb drive Bond would use, without question.

At 20 bucks, the Lacie isn't too horribly expensive. My daughter needs a thumb drive for school, and I'm considering getting her this, as long as she doesn't accidentally spend it at lunch. At Here Is Object.

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