Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be a Scent Worthy Traveler

It stinks so good.
I appear to be breaking out of my normal "I hate perfume" rant in the last few months, suggesting new scents aplenty. You already know I'm picky about the smells. I'm also picky about what I pack.

That's why this Diptyque solid perfume is such a perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Normally, traveling with perfume requires decanting the stuff into some tiny travel atomizer, which may or may not work once you reach your destination. Plus, there's always the chance of a leak; even if you love your perfume, I guarantee that once it's leaked all over your bag you won't remember it fondly ever again. But this solid perfume is total genius. Encased in a heavy, elegant black compact, Diptyque offers up this potent waxy substance in a few formulations. Do Son is my personal favorite, since I like to travel to tropical locales. Do Son is heavy on the tuberose. I wouldn't necessarily want such a languid floral in Chicago in the winter, but for Hawaii it's just perfect. Smear a bit around the back of the neck, on the backs of your knees and even behind your ears, and then waft that good stuff with every step you take. And it won't ruin your bag.

At $48, I think this solid scent is a steal. Find it at Diptyque (or find a store that sells it and do some scent sampling first; you might think Do Son absolutely stinks so bad).

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