Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet Bunny Love

Just add Skittles, jelly beans or M&Ms. But you might want to skip the Raisinettes.
As much as I rail against it, Valentine's Day is approaching. My Mr. Crab has a great, deep, and passionate love of M&Ms. I've purchased many types for him, even some with his face emblazoned on them (the first batch sent was eaten by the dog, who sniffed them out hidden in my closet). But maybe I should think more creatively and go for display rather than pure sugar.

Since Mr. Crab likes candy and I like sinister bunny rabbits, this porcelain bunny display platter is just the V-Day ticket. First off, the platter part looks like the bunny is stuck in a vast Elizabethan collar that you customize with color (from pastel candy to golden foil kisses for formal events). Second, the bunny has some funky triangle pattern all over him, apropos of nothing. In short, the bunny is weird, and that's just how I like my home decor.

So, order this display platter, pick up some custom M&Ms with some terrible truncated message printed on them, and Valentine's Day is ready to go. I'm sure the bunny will be happy and, displayed with a porcelain Bob's Big Boy and a Colonel Sanders, in good weirdo company. For $54 at Fred Flare.

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