Monday, February 11, 2013

Put on a New Face for Spring

Grit, grime, oil and insect legs: this brush conquers them all.
It's not often that the low version of a high end beauty product really delivers, but I just found one: the Pro-X Olay facial brush.

Apparently, we all walk around with about twenty pounds of nasty dirt, old sunscreen, makeup, and possibly even dead bugs all over our faces. And yes, even though we all wash our faces every day (right? You do wash it every day, don't you, you filthy thing?), our average water splash and rubbing of cleanser for ten seconds doesn't do the job. Not even close. Thus, the twenty pounds of facial gunk.

Obviously, this is gross, and no way to live. Plus, it makes your complexion look less than fresh. Naturally, fancy company Clarisonic came out with high end motorized brushes years ago. For just two hundred bucks, you could scrub that dirt away in an efficient manner. The company even promised your fancy creams and potions would work better because they wouldn't have to burrow under layers of dead skin. I once had one of these expensive brushes, and it did work. But, alas, it was lost in our terrible moving process, a casualty of relocation rage. I wasn't about to spend another 200 clams, so I decided to try the $25 Olay version instead.

I'm pleased to say that it works. After just two uses, my skin is already tons smoother and softer. Which, admittedly, is a bit horrifying because it means that the brush performed some sort of archaeological dig on my facial epidermis to uncover the treasure beneath. All in all, I'm beyond pleased. And this brush is an ideal little gift for your best friend with that filthy face.

I've even searched for the cheapest price: $24.99 at (spend another buck on something and you'll even get free shipping).  Order one and help a friend face the future looking shiny and new.

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Christina Simon said...

You've sold me. Dead bugs! I need this thing!