Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pillow Talk

It's a rainbow of comfy back support options!
Ever since an unfortunate cat pee incident, we've had a shortage of pillows on our couch. It's not that we don't want new pillows, it's just that I'm notoriously fussy about such decorating details. Plus, we had to wait and see if the felines would calm the hell down and stop trying to redecorate the living room.

And then I spotted them: the perfect pillows for my living room. At first, I just put them on Pinterest, but after a bunch of people liked and shared them, I realized these Brick cushions were a natural Toad post. I mean, just look at them! They're not silly and floral, they're not overly trendy and ethnic (how many fake suzani prints do you need in a room, anyway), and they're definitely not boring. With all the graphic colorways offered, you're sure to find one to match you or your giftee's decor. And they're made of wool, which is sturdy and washable (although no, it probably can't stand up to cat pee. Stainless steel cushions couldn't stand up to cat pee).

The only downside is the price: $98 clams apiece. That's an investment of sorts. Cheaper than Jonathan Adler, way pricier than West Elm. So choose carefully. At A+R, of course.

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