Monday, March 11, 2013

I Am Woman, Watch Me Wreck

Just think of the power you might wield. Speak softly, and carry a pink wrecking bar.
I know a lot of women (and men, but this is a gift for either women or very, very secure men) who are going through remodels. And whether it's kitchen, bath, closet, or bedroom, it's always a series of small catastrophes followed by gasps of encouraging activity. It's frustrating, but almost always ultimately worth it.

Thus, I present what I feel is the perfect gift for the remodeling woman: the hot pink wrecking bar. Yes, this artistic object, made by Philip Iosca, is a real wrecking bar, capable of yanking out filthy old cabinets and fixtures with ease. But, it's also bright pink. Pink is not my favorite color, but in this case I think it's just perfect. Plus, once the remodel is done, you can stick it under your bed as a last ditch weapon (it's probably about as good a club as a Maglite, and bearing less risks than bearing arms).

This is a pricey little item at $75. It would also make a splendid Mother's Day gift for that handy yet testy mommy. At the wonderful color coded site, JNRL STR.

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