Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Toy Clean Up in One Swoop

Look at this orderly little boy who suddenly morphs into a Sherpa. It's a dream!
My daughter is older now, but when she was a toddler, I remember the toy nightmare scattered in an even layer throughout the house. There's nothing like getting a Barbie high heel embedded in your foot at 2am. Toy clean up and wrangling was always a problem.

I really wish this product had been around back then; I would've had one for practically every room! Called The Swoop, this toy bag is more like a soft toy playpen. Simply throw all the toys (from stuffed ducks to errand Legos) into the Swoop and drawstring it shut. It's very easy to then tote the whole toy mass from place to place. Plus, it opens up completely into a partially padded toy area, keeping much of the mess confined (unless your kid is a truly dedicated thrower). Easy to carry, easy to stash away, easy to convert into a play mat, this Swoop is a damn good idea. It even comes in a mini version for travel. And, a bunch of Swoops take up less space than toy baskets or boxes.

This would make an ideal baby shower gift, as it can morph from a portable mat to toy storage over the years. And, at $48, it's fairly reasonably priced. Plus, it's an ideal storage solution for all those small spaces we're now forced to inhabit (NYC, anyone?). At Swoop.

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