Tuesday, September 22, 2009

College Repair

Yes, it says "College Repair," not "Collagen Repair." Why would your favorite coed need help with her skin, silly?

College is a time for major growth. Not just academically, but in terms of life skills. And life skills include sewing up holes, reattaching buttons, and repairing seams. There simply is no on-campus tailor. That's where this "Sew Many Projects" kit comes into play. The super-cute lunchbox style sewing box is jam-packed full of supplies for every fabric-based emergency and then some. Plus, some young people really like to sew and create, so this kit is perfect for them as well (and don't forget the guys; some guys are wickedly good with a needle and thread). It's also an ideal little extra to send to campus, since it's around this time that clothing begins to rebel.

Locate this "Sew Many Projects" kit at www.modcloth.com. It's tailored to fit just about everyone. And one more word about modcloth.com: the prices are incredible and the clothing looks like Anthropologie stuff, only at a far better price point. Take a look for yourself, too.

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Aire said...

Hi Jenny!
Thanks for much for featuring our, Sew Many Projects Kit, on your blog! We really appreciate the support!
<3 Aire