Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shower Incentive

If you have a teenager, you know that the start of school is a hard time of year. How does one lure a sleepy, crabby teen out of bed? There's tough love, of course, like adding a built-in catapult to the bed. Or, there's the kinder, gentler music method.

Because, let's face it: getting up early blows, and punishing your kid isn't the answer. Go for the tried and true wake-up solution of a little hot water in the face and some super loud music. Your hot water heater is your own problem, but there is a great tool for pumping music into the shower. Just take a gander at the Teardrop, a totally splash proof iPod speaker that lives quite happily in a moist environment. It even comes in lovely, bath-decor friendly colors. And, if you're a very hip parent, you can even download a special "wake up" mix to keep the blood pumping all morning.

The Teardrop is just one way to add a morning wake up incentive. Find it at www.mollaspace.com.

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