Thursday, September 24, 2009

Izod, Eat My Shorts

One of the things that's hardest to find in fashion is a piece that is ironic, yet not tiresomely derivative. Especially when you're on the hunt for a cool piece for a painfully stylish friend. You know, a friend who makes edgy look natural.

This necklace, by NYC jewelry designer, is one of those pieces. This "See You Later, Alligator" brass necklace is worn close to the heart, just like the iconic (and sooo tired) Izod mascot. But its sinuous dangle is all its own, unlike the preppy rigidity of Mr. Izod. In fact, this alligator looks like he might make a break for the world at large at any moment. Very cool. Very unexpected. And at $100, very affordable. All of Verameat's pieces have this quality: an octopus devouring a ship, a crabby craggy T-Rex bumbling around. One of these necklaces is the perfect birthday present for someone who views humor and irony as a lifestyle.

Check out the acrobatic alligator and all the other wonderful pieces at

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