Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Livable Plaid

It's Fall, and, right on schedule, it's time for the fashion industry to ram plaid everything down our throats. Every year I'm resistant, mostly because I believe plaid is either for ultra casual flannels or schoolgirl pleated skirts, neither of which is exactly flattering on women over, say, 25.

But I stand corrected now. Check out this ultra-hip grey and black plaid small Field Bag from the classic hunting store, Filson. Filson has always produced excellent quality, utilitarian bags (I purchased one of their leather and twill bags to use as a briefcase, and I swear it will survive just about anything, including a nuclear blast or baby vomit). The difference with this bag, though, is that it looks right in line for this Fall fashion trend without being any sort of underaged, inappropriate statement. Crafted of Filson's 24 oz Yukon Wool and sturdy Bridle Leather, complete with a snap flap, this perfectly proportioned purse will carry any woman through her day in style without breaking the bank.

At $170.00, it's not super duper cheap. But, if you've been just about anywhere looking for something with style and quality, you know you could easily spend hundreds more. Why wait? Order at www.filson.com.

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