Monday, September 21, 2009

For The Teeny Yogini

Yoga. Something that's been around so many years is no longer a fad, but a fact. It's hit that critical mass in our popular culture; the hundredth monkey is doing downward dog, and so is everyone else. So you might as well gift your favorite yogini the best bottoms to display while that bottom's up in the air.

I'm talking Be Present Mobility Pants. They're the best solution to what can be a crushing situation. Many yoga and exercise pants (these pants are for yoga, but there's no reason not to branch out) bind and cling in embarrassing and uncomfortable ways. They're only flattering if you look like an extra on Entourage. But not these fabulous pants. The drawstring fits flat and comfortably on the hips. The material stretches without pulling. The side slits allow for lots of movement. And they come in many pretty colors. Not to mention that they'll hold up through many sweaty sessions and numerous washings. It's enough to make that yoga buddy of yours utter an entirely grateful "namaste."

So size your friend up and order her a pair at Maybe she'll do a Sun Salutation just for you.

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