Friday, September 4, 2009

MORE Than a Second Cup at Home

Remember those ads? The ones in which the wife puzzles over the fact that, once out of the house, her hubby has a second cup of coffee (conclusion: her coffee blows). If only the good wifey there had had this machine to help her out.

I'm talking Bunn coffeemakers. Yes, you've seen Bunn in every restaurant and commercial setting, but I bet you didn't know it made home versions, too. The big bonus to a Bunn machine is that the hot water is instant, so the coffee comes out almost immediately, giving you that much required caffeinated elixer ASAP. But on top of the instant gratification, Bunn really does brew a great cup of joe. Really good. Like, way better than any fancy Cuisinart machine I've ever had. And get this: they're about a hundred bucks cheaper than those fancy brands. What a great wedding present for some lucky couple!

Read more about this affordable caffeine delivery system at At these prices, you can gift yourself one, too.

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