Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Back Into New Bedding

So it's Fall, not that you would really know it in Los Angeles, with triple digits threatened way into October, tiny children sweating in Halloween costumes. But perhaps it's Fall, truly Fall, somewhere else. And for those people, a bedroom reorg is in order.

The easiest way to change up a bedroom is bedding. New sheets or a duvet in a more somber tone for autumnal and winter months is a great way to go. And this Marimekko pattern really fits the bill. Called "Unikko," the festive yet restrained black, green and white pattern is classic cheer, yet it keeps a modernist undertone going. I wouldn't recommend this pattern in, say, a Frenchy chintz filled room or a love den of Laura Ashley (one shudders to think), but you're not friends with people like that, anyway. Also, it's pretty reasonably priced for sheeting; I would even purchase it for a newly acquired dorm room situation (if your college coed of choice has choice taste, anyway).

Find this Marimekko treasure at And fall back not only into clean sheets, but into the spirit of Fall itself.

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