Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Ripper

Have you ever gotten married? If so, you know the endless delivery of wedding registry booty that keeps arriving at your door. Box after box, getting unloaded, broken down, and somehow disposed of in your trashcan and all the other trashcans on the block. It's fun to get the presents, but the trash is hell.

That's why this present is the greatest ever for the couple-to-be. They'll get so much use out of it up 'til the wedding, and then over the years as they move. I'm talking about this really gorgeous box ripper. This queen of all cutters is shiny, solid, cuts through every box with ease, and is engraved with: "Another notion of possibility." There's something very upbeat and optimistic about that; just perfect for the happy couple. It could even be useful for fights. And it sure beats a fish poacher, that drag-out-once-a-year china pattern, and the highly breakable crystal on their registry.

Find this slicer and dicer of paper products at It's simply a cut above other gifts.

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