Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get a Charge Out of Wood

iPhones. iPods. These fabulous devices connect us, organize our lives, and even entertain us (although hopefully not while driving). But they're not on 24/7. Give them a break... but make that break as "green" as possible.

Ok, fine, these things still suck electricity like mosquitoes suck blood. But there's a choice of delivery method. Take this dual iPhone/iPod charger, for instance. Sure, its guts have all the metal doodads necessary for the power boost. But, its lovely exterior is wood. A sweet little log swiped from the forest floor, or washed up on a beach, becomes a green(ish) charger. And it looks so much better with the decor than those space-age gadgets flooding the market.

Much like a fingerprint, every one of these wooden chargers is unique, giving you and yours a one-of-a-kind appliance. How cool is that? Find it at www.etsy.com.

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