Monday, April 26, 2010

Avoid That "Not So Fresh" Feeling

Not so fresh is pretty much a negative for just about anything (ladies, any arguments here?). But for the venerable coffee bean, it's the kiss of death. And that, first thing on a foggy morning, is a tragedy of mammoth proportions.

Now you can avoid that "not so fresh feeling," at least when it comes to your coffee quality. Oxygen, you see, is very bad for coffee beans. It turns them nasty, leading to that cigarette butt coffee I've had to quaff at many an established coffee house. Since the air is, indeed, everywhere, what's the grand solution? This vacuum pack canister can save your beans! It keeps oxygen out and freshness in, so your little beans of caffeinated goodness are at their peak, every damn morning. Yay. And what a great gift for your favorite coffee junkie.

This gadget has been dutifully tested and approved by those dorks at Think Geek, so you know it works. And it's only forty bucks, leaving some moola left over for that extra bonus of a great bag of beans. Check it out at Summer's Eve, oops, I mean

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