Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Break Apart Palace

As weather warms (not that you'd know that in Los Angeles today), entertaining comes to the forefront. Serving pieces, bowls and other food presentation pieces take on new appeal. But, storing this new gear isn't so appealing.

These porcelain pieces solve part of that problem. Each of these elegant black and white "palaces" contains serving pieces, plates, bowls and other crockery in a stackable form. And it's such an original form, too, both modern and retro, like actually useful dollhouse miniatures. Such breakable architecture looks like sculpture set up on the table or counter, but breaks down into actual service. From building to buffet in mere seconds! The one risk: someone's kid thinking these things would make great toys or props for a train set.

Running around eighty bucks per set, these, again, aren't super cheap. They would, however, make a rather nifty and reasonable wedding gift. These are brand spanking new. To pre-order, check out

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