Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adult Toys

Now, don't get the wrong idea; the Toad hasn't veered into the adult toy category you might find inside a brown paper wrapped catalog. No, I'm talking about real toys to play with, preferably displayed within easy reach (think coffee table).

Adult toys offer both a distraction and a focus for guests. Take these Zen blocks, for instance. At first, they look very arty, almost like sculpture. But they're just blocks for big people to play with, especially during family living room gatherings or before dinner cocktail hours. And if the guests bring kids, well, these toys work just fine for them, too, but without the garishly bright plastic garbage. These Zen blocks would make a great hostess gift. They'd even be appropriate for a friend stuck in a corporate cubicle. Plus, the $28 price tag is pretty impressive for a display worthy toy.

Check out these elements of adult construction at They might not be the MOST adult fun you can have, but at least you can play in public.


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