Sunday, May 2, 2010

Detergent Double Duty

The entire next week is devoted to that most obligatory (and somewhat insulting) holiday, Mother's Day. Don't get the Toad wrong. Mothers deserve nothing but respect, admiration, and foot massages on demand. It's just that a single paltry day per year of fatty brunch and wilting flowers doesn't quite cut it.

Still, one day a year is what we're working with, and you MUST participate in this holiday and buy your maternal figure something. Like this lovely porcelain detergent bottle. While for some, this stylishly plain wrap item only evokes endless hours of slaving in a hot laundry room, other mommies will see the clever irony in this gift. They'll proudly serve milk, iced tea, or rum punch from the distinctive container, and watch the beverage sniffing and paranoia begin. This bottle is both a practical piece and a creamily white veiled threat. Happy Mother's Day!

For the presentation, a single gerber daisy in a pop art color jammed into the top would be most appropriate. Find it at The Curiosity Shoppe. A tiny bottle of Tide, although not included, would be cute too.

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