Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LA Blooms For LA Moms

Ok, I know that I ragged all over the idea of flowers in previous entries, but sometimes you realize that flora is really what Mom wants, and part of good gifting is delivering what the giftee desires.

Besides, this is a flowering plant, not an arrangement. That means that it can sit on a table for many months or even years, if properly tended. And it's not just any flowering plant, it's an orchid. A very pretty orchid. For Los Angeles, a very reasonably priced orchid. How does the Toad know this? Hey, she gets around. There's some prohibitively expensive plant life getting delivered this week throughout the LA basin. Like, over a hundred clams for a fancy arrangement that'll just wither and die. These long lived orchids, on the other hand, range between $40-$150 (the plant pictured is the $40 one). That's a great deal!

Unfortunately for those non-Los Angeles dwellers, this service isn't available outside the LA area. Sorry. Go to Orchid Express and do the whole order over that new fangled internet. It'll save you a bundle and impress that mother.

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