Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Disaster of a Gift

So everyone has a friend who just invites disaster. If she has a date, she gets a laser procedure that day and looks like a canned ham. She plans a party and leaves the mayo out in the sun a bit too long (mass food poisoning). She's voted most likely to trip while simply walking down the street; she has a perpetual underwear malfunction.

Yes, it's amusing and tragic. And you might as well play along, since there's no fixing the disaster prone people in your life. Embrace it instead! Give her this Pandora's Box jewelry case. You know the story of this Grecian filly: she was handed a box and told never to open it, yet of course she couldn't resist and managed to spring all the world's ills onto mankind. The one entity that didn't escape the box? Hope. What a wonderful message and sentiment for your catastrophe causing buddy.

At only $30, Pandora's Box leaves you some funds left over for a reasonably priced trinket to stash inside. Find it at Kikkerland. And tell her to never give up.

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