Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Little Helper

Stress is just a killer for mothers, often even on Mother's Day. After all, that breakfast in bed of cereal, burnt toast and freshly squeezed orange juice with the seeds is delicious and all, but the prospect of cleaning a kitchen that looks like scorched earth is enough to keep her in bed for the duration.

Short of a jumbo Ativan prescription, what type of little helper would assist Mother? How about an herbal tea that might actually work? This Kava Stress Relief formula from Yogi Tea is Toad-tested (herself a stressed mother), and was found to be effective. The Toad doesn't know whether the Kava really has enough efficacy in the diluted tea to have a relaxing effect, or if it's just placebo in action. Nor does she care. She thinks it works, and maybe your Mom will think it works, too. Hey, it sure beats an after dinner martini.

This Kava tea is hard to find in stores, so order it from Yogi Tea online. It's the legal Mother's Little Helper.

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