Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stylin' Wonder Woman

Yes, that's what you should call your mom from now on. Especially if she's the type of mom who would appreciate this incredibly hip Mother's Day gift.

Now, the Toad's not totally superhero ignorant. She knows that, for true Wonder Woman style, you'd have to purchase two of these seemingly weighty bracelets in gold (this model only comes in silver). But since this is actually a pretty nice present, Mom will have to ricochet bullets off of just one wrist for the time being. Made of pewter coated in silver, this seemingly inflexible band of metal is actually craftily strung together using some sort of super durable elastic. The result? This bracelet is as easy to wear as an old fashioned sweat wristband from the '70s (something Mom can probably recall, however hazily). And it's very lightweight, so she can be comfortably armed and ready for action every single day.

Find this adornment for the Wonder Woman in your life at the Los Angeles store Happy (there's even an online discount for Mother's Day). It might not give her superpowers, but it'll make her feel super special.

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