Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Way to Hang Out

I'm being facetious here, as no one these days has time to really "hang out" (a term last fully utilized in college, where hanging out is an art form). No, the Toad's talking exercise here, a way to keep all those wobbly bits and pieces from hanging out of bathing suits and skimpy summer wear.

I'm talking about learning some real athletic skills. I'm talking about Cirque School. Located on a block deep in Hollywood (therefore close to the best Thai food in town once all that work leads to a raging appetite), Cirque School teaches the most graceful of circus skills: trapeze (not flying), fabric, chinese pole, contortion, and a host of other amazing strength building skills. Its Aerial Fitness and Conditioning class is a fabulous introduction to this world, an hour of non stop activity (beginning with an often hilarious warm up sequence on exercise balls. You can just imagine). The time literally flies by, and at the end of the class participants are soaked, pumped, and have learned real skills rather than just peddling to nowhere or engaging in endless repetitive movements. It doesn't feel like exercise; it feels like you're a kid again.

This is, unfortunately, a Los Angeles only offering (although I'm sure there's other Cirque style venues in other large cities). Buy a series for a friend (it's an ideal activity to do together). And start productively hanging around. See more at Cirque School.

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