Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cubism for Momma

Flowers are the go to gift for Mother's Day. Everywhere you look, the flower peddlers are pushing their perishable wares. And yes, flowers are pretty. But they die. So what about something alive, long lasting, and modernist?

In this case, think cubed. These cube terrariums are like a permanent piece of living art for your Mom's coffee table, office desk, dining table, or window sill. Filled with little air plants, the glassed in tableaus require nothing more than a spritz of water every now and then, so even if Mom has a coal black thumb she can probably keep these lovelies alive (they certainly stand a better chance than those cliched dozen roses, soon to droop and disintegrate within a week).

These comely cubes come in three sizes. You could order little ones as placecard holders for a tres chic Mother's Day brunch, or just order the biggest and let it impact solo. Locate cubes and cublets alike at

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