Monday, May 17, 2010

Let Them Eat Dagwoods

Normally, the Toad is against food that masquerades as different kinds of food. Case in point: much of vegan cuisine. Because, who, really, wants to eat tempeh pretending to be a Reuben sandwich? Why does the tempeh feel it has to be something so animal? Can't it just be tempeh?

But this cute cake pan has definite possibilities. The Cakewich pan lets you bake cakes that masquerade as giant sandwiches. Imagine the possibilities: a chocolate sandwich cake housing peanut butter frosting. Or, for a "ladies" tea, delicate lemon cake with raspberry jam (perhaps a bit too twee for me), imitating ham on white (ok, it's either a super goyim ladies tea party, or total white trash time, you decide). This means that you or your giftee will have to do the baking, but there's nothing wrong with a little domesticity every now and then. Flour up and get down to business.

Really, the sandwich possibilities for this gift are endless... sweet triple level Clubs, faux cucumber and cream cheese. Just let your sweet tooth and imagination guide you. At Popdeluxe by Fred and Friends.

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