Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Money Grows Under Trees

Forget the tree of life. You know what really should grow on trees? Money, of course. But as that's a biological impossibility, your money hungry giftee will have to make do with this coin bank instead.

Perfect for the parsimonious, this nifty receptacle is ideal for storing all types of loose change (and looks far better than the unruly pile sitting on the top of the dresser). The best thing, though, is the "Money Tree" on top, which seemingly "grows" as more change is added. This may be the most financial growth anyone will see this year (checked your portfolio lately), and really acts as an item of optimism during slim times. Not to mention that the giftee will always know where to find change for feeding the parking meters.

This gift beats a real Money Tree (Asian, found in flower shops) hands down, as it's made of plastic and is impervious to death. Available in classic green or Midas gold. Make it grow at Molla Space.

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