Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing with Fire

As warmer days become the status quo, our natural predilection is to hang outside at night, too. Night time, however, at least in L.A., is never as warm as you think it should be. But there's a bright side to this: presenting manageable fire.

This tiny (7" diameter) firepit delivers campsite ambiance without undue pollution and brush fire risk (nothing spoils your outdoor dinner party more than a wildfire wiping out your hillside; nothing will earn you your neighbor's ire faster). Just plop it in the center of your table (um, if your table's wood, you might want to rethink that plan), light it up and enjoy the intimate warmth. It's even great for the kids, since it's ideal for marshmallow roasting.

It runs on flammable gel, so there's no fumes or mess to worry about. And it includes a snuffer just to keep the flames in line. At around $93, it's not very cheap, but still considerably less than wood firepits or super expensive propane heaters. This would be an excellent hostess gift if you've been invited somewhere for a rustic weekend, and well worth the expense. Check it out at

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