Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Element Added to Toad! Annoying Poll!

Keeping up this country's obsession with all things poll-like, The Toad has designed one for this blog. Lucky for you, this particular poll doesn't ask you for overly simplistic answers regarding overly complex issues like health care, financial reform, immigration or your hair washing habits. No, this poll simply wants to know: who receives your gifts most often?

You'll find this tiny poll in the upper right. It will take you, oh, about two seconds to answer. And your precious time translates into a bounty of information for the Toad, helping her determine just which gift categories fans find useful. Imagine: a poll that will make things MORE efficient. Will miracles ever cease?

Thank you for participating.

The Toad

1 comment:

Mr Crab said...

This poll made me realize I don't gift people too often. Hmmm.