Monday, April 19, 2010

Plates for the Pig-Out Prone

Word of warning: this is a gift for someone you either love a lot, or can't stand. There's absolutely no in between, no wiggle room here. So choose your giftee with care.

These are the Intervention-ware plates, designed for those with less, well, appetite control. Yes, these are plates for pigs. The platter simply says: "Big Mistake." But the plate, well, the plate is just loaded with commentary, ranging from the relatively innocuous "Do you really need that second helping?" to the out and out insulting "For the love of god stop eating." Obviously, if your best friend's a member of OA, this might not be the most tactful gift. But for a best friend suffering from a dessert crisis or a work enemy with a multiple Hot Pocket addiction, this quality dinnerware might fit the bill.

A particularly evil way to present this present to someone is to pair it with a Mo's Bacon Bar. Just a thought. Find Intervention-ware at And remember: you might want to duck after they open it.