Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vanquish Smelly Business

Americans are, admittedly, obsessed with smells. Television advertising is rife with ads for "intelligent" gadgets that periodically poop out wisps of air freshener; our detergent aisles are stuffed with scents that don't exist in nature. And while it's silly and neurotic to have this cacophony of scents in our homes, sometimes it's necessary to chase a bad odor away.

This Chikuno Cubes seem to do the chasing in a more "natural" fashion. This darkly mysterious object freshens the environment using bamboo as a filter, rather than masking the stinkies with other scents dreamed up in a lab somewhere. Its small profile means you can tuck one anywhere, from the bathroom to the fridge (that means you can dump the fourteen opened baking soda boxes lining the back row of your refrigerator). They seem like an ideal alternative to the other popular "air freshener," the scented candle, which ironically pollutes your air as it scents it.

Now, for the price. This ain't Glade. Each cube sets you back around 28 bucks. But they do last a good long time, and for the "greenie" on your gift list, it's a thoughtful gesture that just might wipe out their home's perennial patchouli stench. Check it out at www.delight.com.

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