Monday, April 5, 2010

Bigger is Better

Sometimes, bigger really is better. For example, when you're squinting over some ancient proof sheet of your past, going blind staring at miniscule images. Wow, I thought, a magnifying glass would sure come in handy.

Of course, the only magnifying glass I might have had on hand would've been some flimsy plastic thing from my daughter's bug catching kit. Hardly suitable. So the Toad went on a magnification search. Check these babies out: two magnifiers that mimic placid water droplets. They'd look elegant lying around a coffee table atop an important coffee table book. One could imagine them filling out a spring themed table setting in some creative capacity. They would make a lovely gift for some giftee with a penchant for decorative, yet useful objects. Just don't hand these over as a birthday gift; the implication of failing eyesight with age will not delight.

These magnificent magnifiers are $42 for a set of two. Available at Warning: don't let your kids get a hold on these, or there will be singed bug life all over your driveway (in that case, bigger is deader).

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