Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Give This Toad a Home

Spring seems to have officially sprung, judging from the Abraham Darby roses just starting to bloom in my yard. And as the garden unfurls into verdant brilliance, it becomes home to many things: bugs, hummingbirds, nasty crows, mocking squirrels. But could you make room for one more needy being?

I'm talking about my brethren here. I mean, just look at this Toad! He brings his very own toadstool. He's willing to sit politely. He makes no noise. And he certainly won't hang upside down from the grape arbor, munching on bunches of ambrosial purple goodness like a squirrel version of Bacchus at a wine tasting room (I actually witnessed a squirrel perform this feat in my garden). No, this Toad will be well behaved and give your giftee's garden an amphibious grace.

Made of sturdy cement and complete with dirt spike, this Toad is ready to move right in. Find him at It'll put "spring" in his step.

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