Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Cautionary Chicken Tale

Today, in honor of the upcoming Easter (and Happy Passover to alternate celebrants), I'm offering up a dryly funny good read as a gift to everyone.

This cautionary chicken tale points out the absurdity of trying to raise chickens on your own. Yes, I know it's a popular concept right now, even in the flats of Los Angeles, but I still think it's a bit nuts. You want chickens, go live on a farm. And by the way, the writer of this sad story lives in a rural neighborhood and STILL ran into difficulty. Chickens, you see, can be foul.

So buy some Peeps and settle in for a short but satisfying read at homestead.org. The picture at right is of the actual gang of roosters. And I do mean gang. These guys could give the Crips a run for their money.

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