Monday, March 8, 2010

Travel Bug

Now's just about that time of year when everyone wants to run someplace else. Anywhere else, really. And sometimes that includes air travel, with all its new customs and inconveniences. Carry on is key, but hard to pull off.

That's why this set is so perfect for that frequent (or just hopeful) traveler in your life. Beautifully compressible, rugged and spacious, this set holds dainties, dirties, and toiletries compactly in carry on baggage. Plus, neat and tidy never looked so good. They're sold by those intrepid travel experts at Flight 001, so you know they'll last through many a trans-continental voyage. These bags make packing a breeze.

At $98, these aren't that cheap. But quality travel never is. Find these essentials at Now if only you could help get them an upgrade.

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