Monday, March 22, 2010

Orphaned Bunny

It's easy enough to purchase a lifetime supply of chocolate eggs and marshmallow chickies in honor of Easter. It's a bit harder to include a non-edible basket centerpiece that's not totally obnoxious.

You know what I mean. The huge, scary, floppy bunnies that show up from grandma or whomever, that get stuffed into a corner of your kid's room, only to frighten the hell out of you late one night (in the dark, the resemblance to the nasty Donnie Darko dead bunny is uncanny). Who needs these things? No one! That's why you should recommend a "Foundling" bunny this year to all your basket giving friends and relatives. This bunny is small and adorable, undyed and unadorned, perfect for kids of all ages or even the dog. And it's NOT scary.

Cure yourself of bunny phobias and order the Foundling from He'll make you hoppy.

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