Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Morning Savings

Yes, yes, we all know daylight savings has arrived. We're dragging our sorry asses around and blasting our little ones out of bed with dynamite. Who knows why a measly little hour can wreak such havoc. Such fragile beings, we humans.

This new item might make morning a bit easier to bear. The new docking station from iLuv combines a docking station for an iPhone, an alarm clock, a movie/YouTube playing mini-theater and a speaker system in one little package. All this functionality makes it perfect for travel and brutal awakenings alike. Seriously, people, this is a great little item, since you can charge that thing every night and use it as your clock, too. It virtually guarantees that your iPhone will be forever charged and ready to go during operational daytime hours. Buy it for the traveling friend or family member, too.

The charger, at 90 bucks, is probably only for those you hold near and dear. Everyone else can suffer the wakeup blues. Find it at www.iluv.com.

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