Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Perfect Portion Proportions

You have to face facts: losing weight is just hard. The pits, really. And I'm not talking about doing some silly fad diet or juice fast (talk about navel gazing self-involvement). I'm talking about reconfiguring your lifestyle. And it always helps to do it with a friend.

Enter these portion control bowls. Yes, this set of one larger and one smaller white porcelain bowls looks suspiciously like any other set of bowls. But they're different on the inside. Those little decorative lines are actually portion measurements, giving you handy guidance to "normal" sized portions designed for "normal" people, not the gluttonous Cheesecake Factory shovelfuls of food that passes for "normal" in this fat country. Buy a set for yourself, a set for your weigh-in partner, and start controlling your quantities. Of course, it might help to exercise together and cut out some of the fun food items, but all in good time.

These bowls are specially priced through And please, do yourself a favor and skip the cheesecake.

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