Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coffee Crusader

There's time to be quiet, proper, and good. And then there's time to be quietly profane. Like at Easter Brunch.

Although Easter is rife with hopping bunnies and chocolate eggs, it really is a very religious holiday. Even as you're chowing down that eggs benedict at brunch while slugging some fair trade coffee, you should have some reminder present of what the holiday's all about. These mugs do just that. Called "Crusades", each mug (and piece of china in the line) contains flights of WWII era planes and little Jesus-on-the-crosses (which look almost just like the fighting planes). Profane? Probably. Stylish and witty as hell (you bet). Just make sure that if you choose pieces from this line to decorate your table (or someone else's), that no one's going to be mortally offended. You have been warned.

I've only seen this line, called New English, at Table Art in Los Angeles. Order at, and add a little controversy to the Easter Brunch.

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