Monday, March 15, 2010

Keep Away From Elijah

Let's face it: the terms "yummy dessert" and "Passover Seder" aren't usually uttered in the same breath. While this traditional jewish holiday boasts many great foodstuffs, the cardboard-like flourless parve desserts aren't usually amongst them.

But perhaps this chocolate orange Passover torte from venerable Zingerman's will make you pass over that assumption. Zingerman's uses matzo meal, almonds, high quality orange oil and the highest quality (Callebaut ring any bells?) chocolate to create one rich, delicious confection. It's a dessert worthy of that homemade gefilte fish (which the kids look at with horror), the hopefully light and fluffy matzo balls floating in perfectly seasoned soup, and the classic brisket. The exception? The Manischewitz wine. Nothing can really improve on that in any positive way.

Make haste! Order this torte immediately at And know that you'll have to steer Elijah away from this confection and toward the Manischewitz.

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