Thursday, March 4, 2010

Away to the Circus

Even though it's still pouring down rain in L.A., spring is pretty much here. And with spring comes the dreaded getting back onto shape. But exercise for you and your friends doesn't have to be a drag.

For instance, you could run away to the circus. Cirque School has opened in Hollywood, and it transforms working out into play. Run by real aerial artists (of the Cirque de Soleil category, not Barnum and Bailey), this huge warehouse space is full of stationary trapezes, fabric, ropes, and even a practice tightrope (don't worry, it's just inches off the ground) for developing real aerial skills. I'm not going to lie: the work is challenging. But it's rare to find a workout in which you lose yourself in the challenge and the process so completely. And you'll develop strength and flexibility like crazy.

The school offers both Flexibility (90 minutes of hardcore stretching) and an Aerial Fitness class that's run like a circuit training class (teacher Aloysia keeps you moving and deeply engaged). Check out everything this fabulous school has to offer at And run away forever from boring workout routines!

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