Monday, March 29, 2010

The Easter Seal

That poor Easter Seal. Every year, he goes out to campaign and is trounced by that chocolate peddling bunny. This year, I thought I'd help him out, so that he may have a prominent spot in your child's Easter basket.

Last year I included (don't tell the Rabbit) this Harbor Seal puppet in my daughter's Easter basket, lounging amongst the foil covered eggs on a bed of Easter grass masquerading as seaweed. It was very lovely and nature inspired, although someone did comment that he looked dead. But he was NOT dead; he was just resting. Anyway, he was a total hit: my daughter is still having puppet shows starring the endangered pinniped. Plus, he looks so real, it's a great way to scare the dog if bored.

Seriously, give the Easter Seal your support! I've located the cheapest price, at It's way better than some big bunny wearing a bow tie.

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