Monday, April 5, 2010

Flashlight Installation

Recent earthquakes give me pause, at least in terms of household preparedness. After all, how does one turn off the gas to avoid blowing up? Should I always keep a pair of shoes close to the bed for glass shard avoidance? And, if the catastrophe occurs at night, where is the goddamn flashlight?

This latest item actually won't help you at all if the power goes out during a natural disaster, but its very presence in one's home might be a handy reminder to prepare, prepare, prepare. These are pure white porcelain facsimiles of flashlights, wired just like hanging lamps. They dangle handily from your ceiling (really, they'd be very witty inside a closet), shining non-emergency light whenever the switch is flipped. I like them hanging in a group, perhaps in a boy's room or a crafting area. So pretty, so elegant, so streamlined, and so beside the point of a flashlight, since you can't carry the thing anyway and it's wired up to the grid. Makes me giggle.

Each of these suckers is reasonably priced at around $45, which is quite a bargain for original lighting. Order them from And maybe, in the next entry, I'll offer you a real flashlight instead of the performance art variety.

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