Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Cleanse

Yes, it's 2010 and time to get cracking on that healthy lifestyle! I'm sure you have friends o'plenty who revel in constant exercise, organic food, and even a cleansing experience to jump start the new year.

In theory, I'm in complete agreement with this philosophy. Everyone could do with a little housecleaning after the holiday snort fest. I've even considered the IZO Cleanse program, which consists of 12 juice drinks a day (delivered to your door in a cooler) for three to five days. People report glowing skin, increased energy, reduced bloat and a new attitude toward food. It all sounds well and good, except in order to do it, I'd have to have $450 bucks to spare and put up with no coffee for three to five days. That's not a cleanse, that's a crushingly foul caffeine withdrawal headache which will sap my will to live. And I assume that you have many friends in the same boat.

So start them off slowly. Instead of fresh, organic juices, order them the best fresh organic coffee available: Lamill. Lamill's coffee is literally the best I've ever tasted; when they say a coffee will have chocolate notes and a smooth finish, they're not blowing smoke. This is not Charbuck's, folks. Plus, they have organic varieties galore, for that healthy caffeine buzz. And what is a cup of coffee anyway, if not a "cleansing" experience? At around $16 a bag, it won't clean out your wallet, either.

Order from a vast store of coffee choices at Then, raise your mug and toast to your friend's newfound health for 2010.

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