Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sultry in Winter

Winter is not my best season. I turn yellowish and wan, and since I'm not a fake bake person, the only decent makeup effect available to me is a smoky eye. And I find that hard to apply, because I'm a makeup slob with the small motor skills of a hoofed mammal.

But recently, I was gifted a smoky eye kit from Kimiko Beauty which I believe is idiot proof. Shown here in earthy tones (only because the coveted "Imperial Nights" set had no image), this extremely well designed eye shadow quad supplies everything anyone would need for lovely, sultry mid-winter eyes. Add one of the retractable eye liners and the effect gets even better. While giving makeup as a gift is usually tough to pull off, I think this is an excellent choice for just about any woman (or hey, any guy; The Toad is not going to judge). Since I'm sure you have a makeup diva on your gift list, you should give this an order. Plus, the shadow itself is finely textured and full of good ingredients, which makes application even easier.

Order this little bento box of many colors at It may be the only sultry thing around for months to come.

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