Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting All Squirrelly For Spring

You know spring is on its way in Los Angeles when the squirrels start raiding your citrus supply. I currently have a critter roughly the size of tractor trailer who steals whole Cara Cara pink oranges off my tree and eats them with gusto, while mocking the cat. He is bad news.

But hey, in the product world, squirrels are the new owls. Sparkly, energetic, and possessed of much fluff, squirrels are like uppity rabbits: cute, but with an edge. And this squirrel is definitely the best kind. It's inanimate, for one, so it's not going to destroy your winter fruit crop. Plus, it's cast iron and thus useful as a door stop, or as a garden mascot of sorts. Perhaps it would even scare the real squirrels away, although I highly doubt it. Buy it for a person longing for spring, and it gives them hope that the season will actually arrive.

This bushy tailed creature is just $15 at At West End. It's the first sign of going nuts for spring.

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