Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mount Your iPad Anywhere

No, it's not the latest tech porn title. After looking and searching for quite a while, I finally found what I think is a terrific iPad case and wall mount system.

After all, either you or your friends and family spent a lot on that iPad, so you might as well find as many ways to make it work for you as you can. The Wallee, an Australian import, is a colorful, durable iPad case with an opening at the back which snaps into a wall mount. You can purchase as many wall mounts as you wish (eight bucks a pop), and install them wherever you wish. My suggestions: the kitchen for easy recipe following, the bedroom wall for watching movies and shows, and even over the tub (hey, why not?). It swivels between portrait and landscape views easily for maximum viewing. And it makes your iPad truly hands free... and off the table, countertop, or nightstand.

This is a wonderful techie gift. The base price is $56, which really isn't bad considering how durable and practical it is. And you can find it at A+R.

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