Friday, January 21, 2011

Giving Plastics A Facelift

I'm always on the lookout for sort of one stop gift shopping in L.A. and online. So periodically, I check in with stores in the area, looking to see if anything's changed. I hit the gift jackpot with Plastica.

Plastica has happily resided on Third St. for years now, but recently it expanded. The result is really fabulous. The previous smaller storefront was cute but cluttered, making shopping less than a pleasure. The new space, though, is flooded with light and stocked full of fabulous stuff. I know what you're thinking: "Plastics, bad." Well, not so. Many of the plastic items Plastic carries are produced from recycled goods. Plus, once a plastic molecule is here, it's going to remain here forever; you may as well buy an item and use the hell out of it (not buying a plastic item doesn't make it disappear from the universe). Gifts here range from felt iPad sleeves to recycled plastic outdoor rugs to children's toys (many made from wood, not plastic). And it's all reasonably priced. 

 Pay the store a visit and stock up on gifts, or go to the Plastica site. Seriously, this store has gone from being a retail afterthought to a destination.

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Unknown said...

I love this store. It is such a great destination when you're looking for gifts for those people who have quirky taste or who "have everything". Thanks for reminding me about it & I had no idea they had an online shop! Yay!