Sunday, February 27, 2011

Faux 420

Yes, this is a representation of exactly what it looks like. Hey, I never claimed to be anything but edgy in my gift recommendation choices. And in L.A., this would be a perfectly wonderful, arty gift for a good portion of the population.

This flawless cast porcelain object is the exact replica of the pipe which got its then-teenaged designer busted, when it was discovered in the family's recycle bin (no word on whether the pipe  actually belonged to her or not). I love it for the story behind it (total teenage angst and perhaps injustice), and for the fact that it doesn't function (there's something about useless yet beautiful white porcelain objects that catches my fancy). This is a gift choice for the broadminded yet design addicted giftee on your list. You know who they are.

Find this faux pipe at far4, a fabulous pottery and porcelain site situated in Seattle. I know it's early yet, but wouldn't it make a killer 4/20 gift?

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